Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chabad-Lubavitch declares Communism role model

Chabad-Lubavitch declares Communism role model and sets minimum tithing and income for all true believers

By Rabbi Lamech Somayach Meshumad Meshubach
Mashgiach Ruchini, Yeshiva Aishes Eish HaTorah

The Rebbe grew up under communism and hated it, said it was oppressive. But, he went on to recreate the same organizational structure, but with him in control. Now, the Chabad bureaucracy is operated by a committee of aparatachiks in Crown Heights who have begun to openly embrace communism as the existing system for Chabad houses all over the world.

“The Communists in the Soviet Union made everyone act like they were happy about the leadership or else they put them in a gulag and worked them to death. This seemed to work well, so we convince people to attend our "houses" and then milk our followers until they are bankrupt at threat of cutting them off from their friends, community and way of life. When confronted with a contrived spiritual death, they find a way to pay more. What is the difference?” Said Chabad chief rabbi, Moshe Lehrman.

In addition to taking tithing from foolish people all over the globe, the money is then sent out to hangers on in Crown Heights and Rabbis all over the world in the form of a guaranteed income for all party members and aparatachiks.
When a newly minted emissary is sent off into the world he gets a subsistence funding to get a house, another house for his residence, and orders to start going through local residents until he finds people he can take advantage of. The good ones wind up owning mansions, and very wealthy, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Others have no character and struggle their whole lives. But at least they are there, said Avi Herman Cohen, the third assistant director of friends for emissaries in Brooklyn. "Look at me, all I do is arrange friends for the people working for the directors of the emissaries and I am making good money!" He said.

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