Thursday, September 2, 2010

Troppper - If I did it

Tropper releases new memoir called If I Did It

By Rabbi Lamech Somayach, Meshumad Meshubach
Masgiach Ruchini, Yehsiva Aishes Eish HaTorah
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Rabbi Leib Tropper of Monsey, New York had branched out of the Hebrew language world to release a memoirs of how he eliminated the perceived competition of Rabbi Mordechai Tendler, called If I did It. In this tell-all memoirs Tropper details how he became a millionaire and then used his money and influence to ruin the career of another rabbi by falsified claims and using his social influence.

Tropper starts out with the usual rabbinical story of constantly repeating claims of poverty while raking in hundreds of thousands in donations from wealthy donors to help the poor suffering students, then keeping the money for himself, tax exempt.

He details how he then convinced the Rabbinical councils in Jerusalem to give him almost sole authority in granting conversions that would be accepted in Israel before beginning a slander campaign against Tendler, discrediting him in the eyes of his followers.

“I couldn't believe the unnamed flyers and spreading rumors to a few key gossips could be so effective,” Tropper says in his book. “Then when I was approached by Adina Mermelstein, it was amazing. I couldn't believe such a sweety feel into our laps”.

Tropper goes into depth about the system of using crazy people as weapons in Monsey. “You just know this crazy is going to be hard to handle. Sending them to Tendlers shul guarantees he will be so busy putting out fires that he will neglect everything else.”

He details encountering a sick woman looking for some help with her years of hospitalization for her mental problems and just showering her with love until she would do anything he asked her, then feeding her romantic fantasies about Tendler.

“I just squeezed her and watched her guts spill out all over floor,” he said, regarding how Mermelstein's condition degraded seriously with his manipulation. After a year of floating around Tendlers' shul and alienating the fuck out of everyone, “she was ready for the final stage,” he said.

In the book Tropper details how he had a lawyer in his congregation draw up and file a lawsuit filled with the most crazy allegations he could think up, knowing it would never need to go to trial or be based in fact.

“This schtuss, [shit] we made up, we couldn't believe it, and now everyone in Monsey thinks this guy is some sort of monster! It's wonderful,” Tropper said in a press conference. “He wouldn't touch this poor sick girl, but was nice enough to let her attend his congregation, and that was all we needed. Tendler is one of the nicest people in all of Monsey, but as competition he had to be eliminated.”