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Rabbi Mohel plans to give herpes infection directly to male infants

Rabbi Mohel plans to give herpes infection directly to male infants

By Rabbi Lamech Somayach  Meshumad Meshubach
Mashgiach Ruchini, Yeshiva Aishes Eish HaTorah
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In a twisted way of accommodating the requirements of the New York State Department of Health, the Charedi Rabbis in Boro Park and Williamsburg have agreed to use small glass capillary tubes in drawing blood from bris milah but also plan to bring injections of live herpes virus to inject directly into the genitalia of young boys.

“The idea is to passively resist this needless chumrah being imposed on us by the goyish state,” Said Rabbi Mohel, who is famous for causing the death of three boys and the brain death of a dozen other male infants.

He claims “The herpes virus is just another part of hassidus we should all be happy to accept, like clandestine homosexual hookups in the mikveh.” Many followers were in agreement.

“Every child develops a rash over their whole bodies after their circumcision. Herpes is just another rite of passage for childhood,” said Frumkah Friedman of Fellowes Court in Williamsburgh, co-founder of the Fun Frum School for Female First Graders.

“Oy Vey!” Was the response of Doctor Hannoch Teitelbaum, from the Chassidic Health Department of the Satmar Rov. Upon hearing the rabbinical plans he clarified, “This is a great idea but it should be clandestine. How could he make such a public announcement in English?”

Other politicians were not so pleased with the plans. “We need our followers to be intellectually disabled so they don’t try to enter the real world, but there is a danger this plan could go way too far,” Said Rabbi Shlomoh Gardenhouse, founder and Gadol of Congregation Bais Mikvah of Monsey, a school that is internationally acclaimed for turning out the most illiterate graduates of any school on the East Coast. “Many of our talmudim [male students] have low iqs from natal herpes infections. The low IQ makes it impossible for them to leave, and often this is seen as the only way to make frum marriage bearable.” Garenchouse said. “Besides, it creates jobs for the community when these children have paid attendants funded by the state.”

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