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Masbia, Ohel have final solution to pervasive problems

Masbia, Ohel have final solution to pervasive problems

By Rabbi Lamech Somayach Meshumad Meshubach

Masgiach Ruchini Yeshiva Aishes Eish Hatorah

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In a special joint press release at the Asifa agains the Internet at citi Field the leaders of Masbia soup kitchens and Ohel Family Services announced a new method of controlling the Orthodox community, while eliminating the surplus population created by the rabbinical leadership.

Alexander Rappoport and Moishe Slimazel took the stage together and made the announcement that a new plan was in effect for the ubiquitious soup kitchen located in major Jewish communities throughout New York City. They were going to start adding genetically modified Riacin poison produced by Monsanto to the food at Masbia to eliminate the crowds of mentally ill who had overrun the soup kitchen, originally conceived as a nice place for families to eat in a restaurant.

 According to a paper handed out at the event, the Orthodox requirement of not using birth control had saddled a few generations of families with a lifetime of changing diapers on unwanted adult children with pervasive developmental disorders.

While it was a good boondoggle to wrench money from the government for their care, there were now more needs than the communities have the ability to care for. But the answer was simple.

“This is no difference from how we use so many other methods to defraud the nations which surround klal Yisroel for our personal benefit. In addition to eliminating the surplus expenses associated with all the unwanted and unwatched people, a generous pool of donors was taking out life insurance policies like crazy with the idea this is a new way to strike it rich,” Rapp said. Slimazel added, “Kol Yisroel areivim zeh leh zeh. We have to look out for each other's interest, even if it means murdering the most powerless amongst us."

"While this may sound new to some people, in fact, the community has long preyed off of people, just look at the millions pfilfered off the BT movement that have generously benefited our rabbis," Slimazel said. "Some of that even trickles down to people in need. It is proven by rabbonim, by repeating silly statements about inheritance people will eventually give up common sense with the hope an invisible man in the sky would reward generosity. We know it's a lie, but one that pays the party bureaucrats well."

 The genesis of the idea of eliminating the disabled population centered around an analysis that Masbia customers were no longer accepting services from Ohel and thus not benefiting klal Yisroel anymore. Apparently the idea came from an event during World War Two, when a nurse at a mental hospital poisoned several hundred mental patients to save them from working to death in a Nazi labor camp. Mark Weiskopf was completely exonerated in a tribunal when he said he saved the patients from a slow and painful death.

“We monetized the disabled to the enrichment of ourselves, and many Jewish people, but now there are too many disabled to profit anymore. I made my millions and I want out. We have no easier solution,” Slimazel said. “By controlling adults and forbidding them to use birth control, we created a surplus population of unwanted disabled adults that enabled us to charge the government a fortune providing diapers, medical care and food for them. Who would have imagined there would ever be too many,” Rapp said.

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american1946 said...

It is worse than foolish to hurt anyone with herpes oe anything that is of ill consequences! Such insivisuals should be categorized as evil and criminal! How dare that children or anyone would be maliciously hurt in any manner! People should run away far and as fast as their feet and strength can carry them away from demonic individuals such as these!